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“Being an advocate of self-care, prevention and maintenance, acupuncture has been a modality I have chosen to use for years.   When I arrived in Bangkok I was connected with Davina, and have been elated with the connection.  Not only is she an expert at her craft, she is also able to create and hold a safe space for you to relax into the treatment.  I love her approach, to treat the person and not an aliment,  this is true healing for long term results. I would highly recommend Davina, regardless if it is for prevention, for self-love or to help with healing, she is an incredible soul.”


Lynn Howard

Entrepreneurial Development Strategist. Coach/Consultant I Hybrid~Mindset  I Author 


"I have always been open to trying new forms of healing and self-care, but after a traumatic experience with acupuncture 6 years ago, I was terrified of needles and the whole process.

Davina listened to my fears and hesitations, clearly explained every detail of her approach, and empowered me to give my consent (or not) for every step. Davina is a patient listener, gentle with her hands, and her calm presence brings you a sense of ease.  I started the first session with a tense body and anxious mind, but really relaxed into the process as I felt safe with Davina's trusty guidance.

By the end of the session, I was basically zonked out from the sense of relaxation and euphoria in my entire being

It was an incredible transformation and I will definitely be back for more. I am so thankful to Davina for the gentle, yet powerful way she was able to calm my fears."


Susanna Nicol

Founder of EQ for kidz, 

Emotional Intelligence Expert

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“I have tried acupuncture in the past to deal with problems in my lower back and low energy levels. When I met Davina I was having a lot of anxiety, severe trouble with my sleep (I would get 4 hours a night at the most), besides a long-term depression. I had a stint of six sessions with her and, since the first meeting, I could feel the difference. Not only was she an expert with the needles but she would also make me feel welcomed, comfortable, and at ease every time. She has very good energy and you can sense it during the session.


Every session I would come out discovering stuff about myself thanks to the treatment she gave me. I could always feel the energy flow on the points she put the needle, which would automatically put me in a relaxing state. I would fall asleep and she sat there holding space for me. 


I saw improvements in my anxiety and my sleep deprivation but I would get a lot of mental clarity, as well. This new state of mind helped to do a lot of inner work of which I am reaping the fruits. 


I recommend you to give acupuncture a try and have Davina as your therapist.”


Rafael Garcia Abreu 

International Maths Educator

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"Davina has been supporting me through more than a year to keep my energy levels up dealing with anything that would come up at that time; from digestive ailments to experiencing exhaustion to even assisting me in raising my overall health to be successful at my IVF process.
I have to confess that working in the holistic field for more than 15 years I am very selective when it comes to choosing a health professional.

I had experienced acupuncture sessions before but Davina’s professionalism sets a totally new and high standard among anyone else I have met earlier.

Davina is an excellent acupuncturist and by asking the right questions and listening to your pulse she can help you step forward in your life by making sure your body is 100 % ready for it."

Maria Laura Bottini

Professional Kinesiologist Practitioner

Pranic healer & Sound therapist.

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"I've been getting treated with acupuncture with Davina for the past 2 years now. She is truly a gem in Bangkok. I am seeing her for general health and wellness preventative care. She is so sweet, kind, and nurturing and makes you feel completely at ease. She is always on time and approaches you with a smile. I am a very busy person, so I love that she comes to me for the acupuncture session. 


I’m not a big fan of needles, but the way she puts them in is on point and quick. She always asks me if I feel them, to make sure the point is getting activated. My favorite part is once all the needles are placed into my meridian points, I feel this deep sense of sleepy calm, like an acupuncture high due to the release of endorphins. 


Davina will ask me how I am feeling, but she also can tell based on my pulse if I am rundown or not. I typically work myself too hard, so Davina helps to remind me to relax and take more time for self care. She gives me guidance and support, which I truly need - especially as a busy artist entrepreneur. Thank you Davina for all your support and I will recommend you to all my friends and clients!!!"

Amy Diener

Artist | Entrepreneur | Educator | OCD Advocate | Spreading Joy One Dot at a Time

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“This was my first acupuncture experience. I never wanted to try before because it seemed rather scary but Davina made me feel relaxed and at ease even before the session. 


In the past few months, I had so much going on - opening a new business, several other projects running simultaneously & some emotional things as well. I could not sleep well. I would wake up around 3 am every day & wouldn't be able to fall back asleep. I was depending on melatonin for years already. 


So I agreed to try acupuncture, at first not really convinced it would change much. But the change was immediate. Right after the first session, I was able to fall asleep, slept like a child until morning. After the second session, muscle tensions I never even realized had all disappeared, so that my whole body felt more relaxed. The effects lasted for a few days afterwards. It is a treatment that needs to be repeated once in a while, but it definitely works. I can't recommend Davina highly enough.”


Perat Anantapan

Chef & Restaurant Owner

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“Davina & I went to acupuncture school together. I've been needled by her several times.

She really knows how to call the qi and each point jumps with an energetic force when she hits the right spot.


As a fellow student I've learned a lot from her.

She started classes months before me, and had years of experience already with acupuncture.

She showed me new & easier ways to find points that I didn't know about.

If we are ever in the same city I would love to be needled by her again.”


Yvonne Liang




"Davina and I got together to discuss my passion for cellular health. We clicked right away and she told me about her unique, 5 elements acupuncture approach. I was intrigued as it completely aligns with my beliefs of going to the source and addressing the root causes of ailments - and supporting the body to do what it knows best which is heal itself when put in the right conditions to do so.

When I ended up in hospital with Influenza A and had migraine headaches for 3 weeks, Davina came to the rescue. With only 1 targeted acupuncture session, she completely reversed the debilitating pains in my head. And the continued experience of working with her can only be described as a lovely, soothing, self-care journey!


Davina is so gentle and an expert in her craft. I can only but highly recommend her services".


Rose Swagemakers, CMP

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

& Cellular Health Advocate

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“I came across Davina during a coaching certification & she told me about acupuncture. I have had acupuncture done twice before but it wasn't as intense as the 5 element treatment that Davina is practicing.


I am 35, am an international dancer and instructor. My whole body is inflamed & stressed most of the time. I was glad to have benefited from 2 acupuncture sessions with Davina while I was in Bangkok, I wish I could have done some more. 


Davina really took the time to understand my needs & tailored the best acupuncture spots to optimize my healing. Davina has a gentle touch so it wasn't painful at all. I did feel it very well when she activated the needles which was for me the reassurance we were on the right spots. The next days, I slept like a baby and felt my whole body reacting after the treatment. I have no doubt that


Davina's treatment brought me emotional stability, unlocked some blockages for my body to heal. Not only she is an amazing coach but also a very accurate acupuncturist. Do not hesitate. Thank you Davina.”


Jenny Liebert


Professional dancer

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